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Pet Funeral


We can't understand the pain and sadness that owners have to endure along the way, but LEGO Pets would like to help them along the way and say goodbye to their pets in a dignified way at the end.

We offer a 24-hour service and promise to collect your pet's body within 2 hours and place it in a refrigerated environment at -4°C.
We will arrange for a hospice grooming and disinfection treatment so that the owner can be close to his or her pet when saying goodbye.
On the funeral day
We have a large hall for the owner to hold different religious ceremonies and the cremation ceremony is preceded by a memorial room where the owner can view the deceased pet.
The cremation ceremony is 100% transparent, with a separate cremator. To facilitate the creation of a unique pet memorial, we can arrange for the ashes to be collected on the day of cremation at the earliest.
After the funeral
The owner can choose, if he/she wishes, to
1) To place the ashes in the pet's ashes and invite a priest to hold a puja.
2) Scattering the ashes in private garden.
3) Scattering your pet's ashes at sea for sustainable integration into nature.
4) Take your pet's ashes home.

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