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French Francodex Organic Care Series

Biodene® is an organic care brand under Francodex France.

The series of products are all certified organic, and the natural formula not only contributes to the health of pets, but also contributes to environmental protection.

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French organic certification

The product has been certified by "Edencert-Bio Organic"​ and contains 95% natural plant ingredients. Made in France, developed with the participation of professional veterinarians.

The packaging uses recyclable or self-decomposing environmentally friendly materials to reduce environmental burdens.


Organic Conditioning Shampoo/Dry Cleaning Foam

Biodene® Organic Shampoo contains the active ingredient of Organic Aloe Vera. Gently cleanses, moisturizes, and restores your pet's skin and coat to its natural luster.


Puppy shampoo 250ml

  • 98% Natural Ingredients

  • Organic Sweet Almond Oil: Moisturizes skin and hair

  • Betaine: Conditions and enhances skin health

Contains organic aloe vera, a gentle formula that cares and moisturizes the fragile skin of puppies.  


Dog Repair Shampoo 250ml

  • 98% Natural Ingredients

  • Shea Butter: Nourishes dry or damaged hair,

  • Sulfate-free, creates a light lather that rinses off easily

Contains Shea Butter known for its nourishing and softening properties, and Betaine to strengthen the skin barrier.


Dry cleaning foam for cats 125ml

  • 98% Natural Ingredients

  • Natural Prebiotics, Natural Fragrance, Mild pH

  • No-rinse care, natural and gentle, suitable for frequent use

Contains soothing properties of Oatmeal and skin-moisturizing Lupine to help create smooth, soft coats.

Organic Care Special Repair

 [for cats and dogs]


Skin Repair Liquid 30ml

  • 100% Natural Origin (72% Certified Organic Ingredients)

  • rich in honey

  • Ecocert certification

Contains Honey and Essential Oils (Lavender, Red Thyme and Cypress) to purify the skin. Horse Chestnut Extract helps soothe redness.

Apply to sensitive, dry or irritated skin areas including soles of feet, back and belly. Spray once a day at a distance of 8 - 10 cm from the skin.


Skin repair cream 50ml

  • 100% Natural Origin

  • rich in vegetable oil

  • Ecocert certification

Contains Shea Butter and a variety of vegetable oils to help moisturize and soften the skin. The combination of Calendula and Honey promotes skin renewal.

Great for moisturizing palm rests, nose and elbows, and for sensitive or irritated skin. Apply to skin and massage in once or twice daily.


Ear cleaning solution 100ml

  • 99% Natural Origin

  • Organic Camelina Oil: Softens and Repairs

  • Organic Brown Flaxseed Extract: Reduces ear canal irritation

Contains camelina oil and brown flaxseed extract to soften and remove dirt from the ear canal. Hypoallergenic formula protects the ear canal and prevents allergies. Mild pH, suitable for ear canal skin environment.

Put the ear cleaning solution into the ear canal, massage the base of the ear, and then wipe off the dirt with toilet paper. Weekly use is recommended.


Eye Cleanser 100ml

  • 99% Natural Origin

  • Organic Rose and Cornflower Hydrosols

  • Eco-friendly recyclable plastic bottle

Formulated with Hydrolyzed Organic Rose and Cornflower to soothe and reduce eye congestion. Mild pH, suitable for eyes and eye area.

Pour an appropriate amount of Eye Cleanser onto the eye area or onto a cotton swab to gently cleanse the eyes and eye area. Please clean your pets as needed.

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Biodene® is committed toprotect environment

Francodex Biodene®The brand is a partner of One Percent for the Planet!

1% for the Planet is a global community of companies that pledge to give 1% of their salesDonate to environmental organizations that focus their actions on six priority areas: Agriculture and Soils, Biodiversity, Climate, Active Education in Engagement with Nature, Eco-Citizenship, Rivers and Oceans, and Health and Environment.  

Laboratoire FRANCODEX has pledged to donate 1% of the annual sales revenue generated from its Biodene® range to recognized organizations.  

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